Nemedic optimizes your surgical practice by precisely identifying surgical candidates before they schedule


In today’s digital age, every patient acts as an online consumer. We simplify the process by connecting them directly to your surgical practice. Our system not only helps patients find you but ensures they are the right candidates for treatment, scheduling them seamlessly. This convenience removes the administrative burden from your staff, focusing your practice on what you do best—surgical care.

Platforms like ZocDoc are designed to match patients with available doctors, yet they fall short in distinguishing between those needing surgery and those requiring less intensive care. We believe surgeons deserve a targeted approach. Our service focuses exclusively on scheduling surgical candidates with your practice, ensuring your expertise is utilized where it is most needed.

DocFinderPro, our premier surgeon listing service, was created by surgeons, for surgeons. By securing your listing with us, you gain access to a broader pool of pre-qualified surgical candidates, optimizing your schedule and leveraging your expertise more effectively.

Similar to platforms like ZocDoc, we facilitate patient scheduling for a modest fee and offer price matching to ensure you receive the best value. Continue using your existing services with no risk while benefiting from our streamlined, quick-to-set-up system that enhances your surgical practice’s efficiency and patient inflow.


If you or one of your representatives would like to learn more about how Nemedic can transform your surgical volume, please schedule a meeting with Dr. Bichey, our founder.