Nemedic brings you REFERRAL BROCHURES to make patient referrals faster and easier, ensuring more referrals come into your office. The result is more surgical cases using Nemedic’s convenient concierge patient management service.


How does it work?

REFERRAL BROCHURES are placed in the offices of your referring doctors. When scanned it starts an immediate consultation with an expert Nemedic Concierge ensuring your referred patients get great customer service and see you instead of someone else.


Our concierges work for you!

We make sure a patient who needs your expertise has their questions answered, and gets scheduled quickly and conveniently with you.


It’s Simple, HIPAA compliant, and Convenient

All communication is handled entirely through SMS, a HIPAA compliant app, and email notifications with your office.


It improves your surgical business

REFERRAL BROCHURES can increase your surgical referral business by 50%. Better customer service and patient engagement makes a patient more likely to schedule with you and show up for their surgical consultation.


Sign-up for 5 FREE cases with Nemedic and start improving your referrals now

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Quantity 50 – $111.50 + TSH

Quantity 100 – $171.50 + TSH (Best Value)

Quantity 250 – $342.50 + TSH

*minimum quantity is 50 shipped to one address, TSH (taxes, shipping and handling)

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