Nemedic does the work of optimizing the process of finding and scheduling new patients who need specialist care.

Why did we start Nemedic?

Nemedic was founded by industry insiders with the goal of making great care possible at a time when doctors are getting squeezed and patients are less happy than ever.

We watched as doctors were reporting higher than ever burnout rates and knew there had to be a better way.

We also got tired of watching physicians get taken advantage of by marketing companies that didn’t really know how to market them or their specialties.

Since 2016 Nemedic has developed processes, technology, and marketing expertise that enable us to optimize the process of finding, evaluating, and scheduling new patients for surgical specialists.

There are now hundreds of doctors working with Nemedic who are seeing more targeted patients and a higher number of referrals, even from the referrers they already work with.

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