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In the dynamic and evolving landscape of healthcare, the pursuit of innovative and accessible surgical care can pose significant challenges. The process of securing an appointment with a qualified surgeon, not to mention determining the feasibility of definitive care or novel procedures, often entails a complex and time-consuming journey spanning weeks or even months.

Nemedic was founded in 2017 by industry insiders and surgeons with a combined 30 years experience in surgery and medical device. We have personally witnessed both regrettable declines in access to care as well as remarkable advancements in surgical innovation over the last six years. Motivated by these disparities, our core objective is to assist patients in finding the most innovative surgical solutions available and creating a journey into surgery that is optimized for all stakeholders.

We firmly believe that every patient should have access to pioneering surgical procedures, while also recognizing that surgeons are more fulfilled when they can focus on performing surgeries rather than managing medical cases.

Through the implementation of our patent pending technology, we leverage ethical digital intelligence to target the root cause of preventable health disparity – access – and aim to provide all patients with the opportunity to achieve their highest level of personal health.

About the Founder | Brad Bichey MD

It is my steadfast belief that the most profound understanding of the necessity for reform originates from those who actively engage within the field. As a practicing surgeon since 2007, I have been a firsthand witness to the chaotic evolution and suboptimal design of our healthcare system. Unchecked, this has now led to alarming levels of burnout within the surgical community.

Traditionally, the United States has been a global beacon for surgical innovation, extending benefits far beyond its borders. Addressing the prevalent issues of widespread attrition and professional burnout within the surgical field is of paramount importance to our society’s welfare. However, the current remedies fail to meet the requirements necessary. Unfortunately, they frequently do not support the insights and experiences of those at the frontline of healthcare.

In founding Nemedic, my objectives were to raise the bar for surgical healthcare, broaden patient accessibility to cutting-edge surgical innovations, and redress the ingrained health disparities prevalent throughout our nation. I am privileged to work with a talented team that shares these common goals; they are dedicated to relieving surgeons from the stress of burnout, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their true calling, shielded from the ever growing bureaucratic burden of care we all know experience.

It is my conviction that patients, when unwell, should have the means to easily find and schedule care with surgeons offering the most advanced procedures available. Together, we can elevate surgical healthcare, increase patient access to life improving treatments, and improve the quality of life of the healthcare providers we work with.

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