The Power of Predictive Scheduling

Jul 16, 2023 | by Brad Bichey

Brad Bichey MD MPH

CEO Nemedic, Inc.

Pioneering Advanced Surgical Care through Predictive Digital Intelligence

Since 2017, our unrelenting dedication has been laser focused on facilitating innovative surgical care for patients in need. We have steadfastly pursued a path of perpetual improvement, enhancing patient outcomes while simultaneously reducing the operational burden on surgeons and their staff. 

Finding the right surgical patient

Guiding our effort is a transformative question: Can we transcend traditional methods of care and harness technology’s potential to make a profound impact on the quality of surgical care, with benefits to all involved parties?

This concept came out of a business principle I used for over a decade to improve patient outcomes as well as my practice life. For years I trained my staff to perform a quality screening interview on patients prior to adding them to the schedule. Although it was a manual and time consuming process, its implementation always resulted in shorter treatment times and improved patient outcomes.

The success of this very concept was what catalyzed the development of our state-of-the-art ‘Predictive Scheduling’. As a pure concept, Predictive Scheduling prompts us to accurately imagine a patient’s healthcare requirements before scheduling them for their first appointment. Armed with this insight, we empower healthcare providers with the capacity to optimize their schedules with efficiency and spend a majority of their time on truly impactful care. We believe surgeons are happier when they do more of the types of surgeries they want to do and do less medical management. 

Designing Precision Healthcare For Next-Level Surgery

Today, we are proud to announce our proprietary, patent-pending technology that can be harnessed by any forward-thinking surgeon, revolutionizing patient volumes while focusing on the types of surgeries they would like to do more of. Our groundbreaking process:

  • Predicts health outcomes with remarkable accuracy.
  • Offers a personalized approach to patient care.
  • Eliminates uncertainties and reigns in medical management inherent in conventional surgical practices.

Our innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform employs predictive digital intelligence to collect pertinent patient information during the initial interaction, conveniently facilitated via SMS. This data empowers us to prequalify patients, allowing us to provide tailored surgical scheduling in collaboration with proficient surgeons.

Welcome to the future of surgical care – one with less stress – where technology enhances not just patient outcomes, but also fosters an improved, streamlined practice environment for healthcare professionals.

Unleashing the Power of Patient Interaction: A Real-Life Example

Let me illustrate the power of this technology with a classic patient interaction:

Prior to scheduling: Imagine a patient presenting on the system with persistent symptoms of constant congestion, left sided epistaxis (nosebleeds), runny nose, left sided neck swelling, and a mobile mass, possibly a swollen lymph node on the left side. The patient also reports fluid in the left ear and occasional headaches. Their current medications include nasal steroids, antihistamines, over-the-counter oral decongestants, and over-the-counter pain medication. These symptoms have been persisting for over seven months. This patient had previously seen his PCP, an urgent care provider, and an otolaryngologist, who all prescribed antibiotics and nasal steroids for this condition.

Predictive scoring BEFORE scheduling correlates with abnormal imaging AFTER scheduling (left sided neck mass)

Left sided neck mass

Using predictive digital intelligence, we analyze the patient’s symptoms and apply advanced algorithms to generate predictive scores based on IDC10 codes. In this case, our system identifies high likelihoods of abnormal imaging and a critical diagnosis, indicating a need for definitive treatment. The predictive codes associated with this patient’s symptoms include:

🔹 R68.89 – Symptoms, signs, and abnormal clinical findings

🔹 R04.0 – Epistaxis (left side)

🔹 R51 – Headaches

🔹 R59.9 – Swollen lymph nodes (left side)

🔹 R09.81 – Nasal congestion (left side)

🔹 R09.82 – Postnasal drip

🔹 R06.89 – Other abnormalities of breathing

🔹 H66.91 – Fluid in the left ear

Differential Diagnosis – imagined prior to scheduling: chronic sinusitis, tumor of head and neck region, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lymphoma

Empowering Surgeons and Improving Patient Outcomes

The ability to find the right patient and to know critical aspects of the patients symptoms and complaints prior to scheduling creates a game-change in surgical care and patient outcomes.

Using our technology, a predictive diagnosis was imagined for this patient prior to scheduling, enabling us to offer priority scheduling. Our surgeon was equipped with the necessary knowledge and preparedness to provide the best care possible.

One of the chief goals of predictive intelligence is optimizing scarce resources in surgery. We believe this is critical to the future wellbeing of patients, surgeons and all stakeholders in surgery. In this case the most critical resource to re-imagine is the invaluable time of surgeons.

For this example, time to treat was significantly reduced for the patient. Imaging did indicate a likely nasopharyngeal carcinoma with likelihood of metastatic neck disease. The time from engagement to initial diagnosis was measured in days, not weeks, translating to an optimal outcome into definitive treatment.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Health Equity

We believe all patients deserve this kind of access to innovative care and that greater access to care is one of primary drivers of better health. It is why we have equity as one of our core principles.

At Nemedic, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology, empowering healthcare professionals, and improving patient outcomes. With our predictive digital intelligence and collaborative approach, we aim to redefine surgical care and positively impact countless lives through better access to innovation and improved health equity.

If you’re passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive positive change in healthcare, I invite you to connect with me or reach out to learn more about our innovative solutions. Together, let’s shape the future of healthcare! 

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