Redefining Surgical Precision in the Digital Age

Aug 24, 2023 | by Brad Bichey

Brad Bichey MD MPH

CEO Nemedic, Inc.

Patient prequalification isn’t just about making surgical procedures efficient; it’s about ensuring every patient’s journey starts with precision and clarity. With our solution, we ensure only the right patients make it to your surgical schedule.

From EHRs to Pandemic Pressures: The Digital Evolution’s Impact on Surgery

Conversations with leading surgeons and medical device executives reveal a startling observation: many remain unaware of the profound shifts digital intelligence has created in surgery over the past 5 years. While the initial promise of EHRs and Meaningful Use was the transformation of healthcare, these mandates often exacerbated administrative strain and burnout, inundating systems with redundant data.

The challenges were only exacerbated by the pandemic. As patients transitioned en masse from offline to online engagement, many surgeons and medical systems faltered. Stalled patient referrals, suboptimal patient-surgeon matches, and overburdened schedules became the disheartening norm. The aftermath is the fractured system we navigate today, with surgeons and their PAs juggling medical management and patients often missing out on groundbreaking care.

Our solution is the beacon in this chaos. We believe that you should see the kinds of surgical patients you are best skilled and want to treat, and those patients should be primarily what you see on your schedule… not medical management. 

Here are some of the principles we have used to triage over 10,000 surgical patients at Nemedic. With the help of our surgeon partners we’re designing the future of surgical healthcare:

1️⃣ Streamlined Prequalification:

Our SaaS solution abides by a triad – the right patient, the right procedure, at the right moment. By prequalifying patients, we diminish scheduling complexities and harness surgeons’ expertise efficiently. Many surgeons initially approach us with schedules overwhelmed for weeks. Traditional scheduling mechanisms, reliant on overtaxed front-office teams or call centers, contribute significantly to burnout, patient disconnect, and discontent with the system.

By engaging patients 24/7 in their communication method of choice and using a designed system of triage, Prequalification emerges as the salient remedy.

61% of consumers have been texting significantly more since the pandemic started. 75% of Millennial and Gen Z Americans prefer to text rather than call.

2️⃣ Access to Innovation:

Surgical care is witnessing a renaissance of technological and procedural marvels. Yet, many patients grapple with awareness and access. Our platform is the bridge connecting patients to the latest surgical innovation. As patients increasingly became digital natives between 2019-2022, the digital sphere began steering patient pathways. If practices persist with outdated, impersonal engagement tools, they risk alienating a vast majority of potential patients. This deprivation of access leads to a gap in innovation and health equity. It is a disservice we’re ardently challenging.

Currently [the traditional system] isn’t meeting the needs of many patients,” Mehrotra says. “Patients are voting with their feet and going to these other care sites.

3️⃣ Multilingual Engagement – Dissolving Barriers:

Health equity isn’t a privilege – it’s an imperative. Recognizing the rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds in the U.S., we’re actively developing and pioneering multilingual surgical patient engagement technology. No patient should feel marginalized due to language barriers. 

Within the ENT domain alone, nearly 6 million chronic sinus sufferers are confined to a limited number of providers and treatment options due to such communication gaps.

Real Change is Possible

We envision a transparent world devoid of barriers because health shouldn’t be dictated by one’s linguistic prowess.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, optimizing surgical care for all. By harmonizing efficiency, innovation, and health equity, we are designing a better future. If you are a highly skilled surgeon, come join us.

We believe you should JUST DO SURGERY.

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