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Find out if your patient’s insurance is at risk for delays in claim submission, processing, or payment


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What to do if an insurance may have been affected?

Approximately 50% of claims in the United States are currently experiencing delays or processing difficulties. We advise directly reaching out to the insurance provider to determine the timeline for the resumption of standard operational procedures.

Furthermore, it is essential to maintain transparent communication with patients regarding this situation, as they may bear the financial responsibility for any surgical services rendered during this period.

How else can we help?

At Nemedic we use patent pending technology to optimize practices for targeted procedures. In this crisis we can help by prequalifying patients for surgical candidacy, and triaging by insurance prior to offering an appointment or scheduling.

Our process increases procedure volume, decreases time to treat, with a less hectic schedule.

Most practices we meet optimize for PATIENT VOLUME and are limited by this approach.

Learn about a better way that optimizes your practice for TARGETED PROCEDURES by meeting our founder.

*The content provided by this insurance search tool is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as a basis for making healthcare decisions or used in emergency care situations. While diligent efforts have been undertaken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information pertaining to affected health insurance plans, we cannot guarantee that all information is error-free or entirely up-to-date. Should users have concerns or believe that a specific plan has been inaccurately represented, we encourage them to reach out to us directly. The use of this search tool and any actions taken based on its results are at the sole discretion and risk of the individual user. We expressly disclaim any warranties, express or implied, regarding the efficacy, accuracy, or reliability of the search results. No guarantees or promises are made concerning the outcome derived from the use of this tool, and we assume no liability for any decisions made or actions taken in reliance upon the search results.