Prioritizing Your Best Procedures

Start benefiting from a powerful framework that leverages digital intelligence and comprehensive understanding of health insurers’ algorithms to target great procedures and streamline the approval process when surgery is required. 

Only Nemedic can prioritize the types of surgeries arriving on your schedule while also reducing the administrative burden on the practice.

By doing the work for you, we enable you to have a day full of patients who genuinely need, and can afford the procedures in which you excel.

Referrals Done Right

You’re an expert. We give you permission not to see every referral. Just the patients that are right for you!

Our patent pending technology locks in great referrals with immediate engagement and screens out the rest.

That means more highly qualified patients start filling up your schedule hassle free.

Online That’s Engaging

Patients are online now looking for experts. With us, your patients get immediate management and triage even when you’re closed.

The reality is most physicians don’t have a system designed to find patients who need surgery and get them scheduled hassle free. We work everywhere 24/7. 

We even built a docfinder just for you! Claim your free listing now and we’ll show you all the ways patients are looking for elite surgical care online. 

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Make Your Website Work For You

If you’ve ever wondered if your website is helping your business, we have the solution.

We don’t do marketing, but our software gives you meaningful data on all your online and offline advertising. It’s what you need to optimize your spend on the strategies that work.

If you’re tired of losing money on marketing or just wondering where it’s all going, we have the cure.

Data That Guides You

We give you the data that no one else has:

  • Your best performing channels
  • How many consults you scheduled
  • The quality of those consults
  • The average cost per consult
  • Corresponding IDC10 codes
  • … and more