Prioritizing Your Best Procedures

Prioritizing by procedure creates less medical management. Nemedic uniquely streamlines your surgical schedule, targets desired surgeries, reduces administrative workload, and significantly increases case volume. 

Only we have an advanced digital framework designed to navigate health insurers’ algorithms efficiently, ensuring swift approval for necessary surgeries and optimizing procedural targeting.

Referrals Done Right

You’re an expert. We help you see every referral that should be seeing you!

Our patent pending technology locks in great referrals with immediate engagement and prevents patients from dropping out of the process.

That means more highly qualified patients start filling up your schedule hassle free.

Online That’s Engaging

With us, your patients get immediate management and triage even when you’re closed.

We give you a system designed to prioritize surgery and schedule patients hassle free working everywhere 24/7. 

Engage with new surgery patients by claiming a free listing on one of our websites. We’ll show you all the ways patients are looking for elite surgical care online. 

Follow DocFinderPro on LinkedIn for a free listing!

Integrating With Your Marketing

We maximize the ROI on your digital presence, engineering growth with comprehensive data.

Delivering actionable insights from both your digital and physical campaigns, helping you refine your investment with the most effective strategies.

It’s a strategic approach to marketing efficiency, ensuring your investments yield tangible returns for sustainable growth.

Data That Guides You

We give you the data that no one else has:

  • Your best performing channels
  • How many consults you scheduled
  • The quality of those consults
  • The average cost per consult
  • Corresponding IDC10 codes
  • … and more