How does Nemedic work?

It’s harder for patients to communicate with your practice than you think.

We remove the friction that causes great patients to go somewhere else.


Referrals done right

On average, the data shows that 55% of doctor-to-doctor referrals never make it in to see you.

Our concierge experience locks in more referrals with quick and convenient scheduling.

That means more highly-qualified patients schedule their appointments and show up.


Improve your online engagement

Using Nemedic in conjunction with your website and docfinder listings will enable faster communication and better evaluation of prospective patients.

The reality is most physician online engagement isn’t designed to convert visitors to scheduled patients.

Nemedic can improve the performance of your existing online presence easier than you think.


Full marketing Integration

Nemedic takes a multi-channel approach to marketing optimization.

We work with all your online and offline channels then help you optimize your marketing spend for the channels that are most effective for you.

If you’re tired of losing money on marketing or just wondering where it’s all going, we have the cure.


How you’ll know Nemedic is working

You get monthly reports that tell you:

  • Your best performing channels
  • How many consults you scheduled
  • The quality of those consults
  • The average cost per consult
  • Corresponding IDC10 codes
  • … and more